For use on electrical motors. Safe on high voltages up to 45K.V. Will effect certain plastics - insulating materials etc.
De Watering Anti-Rust Agent for protection against rust moisture and corrosion displacing water and moisture whilst acting also as a lubricant to sprayed parts.
Belt Dressing
Belt dressing prevents slipping and increases transmitted power on conveyors, industrial fans and v-belts of all types. It assists in overcoming grease and dirt build up and in lengthening belt life. It does not contain resin and is safe to use on leather, rubber, canvas, silicone, PTFE etc., in both wet and dry conditions.
Lectro Safe
For coating P.C.B. boards, telephone equipment etc. Safe at high voltages up to 35K.V.
Gobblezyme Chemical Enzyme Digestant
Suitable for use with dosing pumps, for maintaining grease traps. Clears toilet papers, faecal deposits, sanitary towels, grease and other blockages. The enzyme acts in a symbiotic manner with bacteria already present in drains, and grease traps. The more debris the more enzymes is produced to clear and digest debris.
Super Sol
Removes grease, oil, wax, carbon, inks, dye, creosote, mildew and other stubborn dirt!
Line Fast Line Marking
This system marks out clear lines, indoors and out, on factory and workshop floors, warehouses, Local Authority car parks, tennis courts, sports areas, etc. available in a range of colours.
Drain Cleaner
For use in drain clearing sinks, baths, kitchens etc.
Brick Cleaner B.C. 70
For use in etching tile, concrete, paving etc. Dilute up to 1 to 20 with water depending on the porosity of surface. Main use as a brick cleaner. Use 1 to 5 dilution.
Bulk air freshener and smell retarder for toilets, showers, furniture and curtains.
Spic & Span Foam
For safe cleaning when water is not suitable or available. Excellent on computer hardware where grime is ingrained.
Graffiti Remover
Penetrating Oil
Typical Uses: Freezing off nuts, bolts, screws, studs, pins, valves, pulling etc., for cleaning rusted dies, moulds and removing carbon deposits. Used in garages, plant workshops, chemical plants, public works, construction sites and machine shops etc.
Ultra Etch
A blend of phosphoric acid and wetting agents, combines to de-rust, etch and prime steel and aluminium.
Multi Cote Galva
Galvacoat cold galvanizing spray prevents rust on metal surfaces and is easily applied to all metals. The contents include zinc metal powder to withstand temperatures up to approximately 120 C.
Paint Stripper
Gloss paint and varnish remover.
Silk Sheen Concrete Floor Sealer
Silksheen is resistant to a wide range of chemical alkali solvents, grease, acids, oils and water.