GOBBLEZYME is a newly developed bio-enzymatic formulation designed specifically to provide the breakdown and degradation of organic matter build-ups.
GOBBLEZYME bio-enzymatic formulation contains a blend of highly specialised micro-organisms, and biodegradable surfactants.
GOBBLEZYME is a new and unique patent pending formulation.


-Blocked drains and lines
-Slow drains and lines
-Drain odours
-Grease traps


The research project for the development of GOBBLEZYME was undertaken in response to the environmental concerns of our customer regarding the use of harsh chemicals.
GOBBLEZYME contains none of the harsh chemicals compounds normally associated with acid and caustic drains openers.
It is recommended the this product be used in conjunction with a DS1 pump. This is a dosing pump specifically designed to regulate the flow of product in to the drains. This is a cost effective way for Ultra Chem and for the customer to monitor the quantity of product used.


The supply of the pump is free of charge providing the customer continues to use Ultra Chems product.