Multi Sil
For use in food processing, packaging, printing and moulding equipment. Multi-Sil can also be used for lubrication of electrical and mechanical equipment. This product can also be used as a conventional polish and is far superior to domestic wax polish and other aerosols for high gloss finish on tables, leather etc. Multi-Sil is a special highly concentrated silicone formulation for the more difficult releases where conventional spray is inadequate.
A clear lubricant coating with heat and abrasion resistance.
De Watering Anti-rust Agent for protection against rust moisture and corrosion displacing water and moisture whilst acting also as a lubricant to sprayed parts.
High Temperature Lubricant
High Temperature Lubricant contains a special blend of Heat Stable, Long Lasting, anti-seize lubricants which eliminate Pitting, Rusting, Thread Distortion, Galling and Seizure. Lubricates at temperatures in excess of 315 C.
Lectro Safe
This is a cleaner and degreaser for printed circuit boards, electrical machinery, with high di-electric strength, up to 35 K.V.
Food-Lube is a food safe lubricant for use on all bakery equipment, rollers, bearings of mixers, conveyors etc. Used also in the pharmaceutical industries.
Chain Lube
Recommended Uses - Chain and cable on: mining and equipment - steam shovels - cranes - draglines - earth- moving and trenching equipment in boats - trains - trucks - fork-lifts - conveyors - furnace drive chains - ready mix trucks.
Penetrating Oil
This penetrating fluid has good rust prevention properties, is easily applied and has many uses. It is extremely useful in any workshop, garage, maintenance department and is an invaluable aid to the DIY motorist
Cutting & Tapping Fluid
Cutting & Tapping Fluid is specially formulated to extend the life of cutting tools and provide improved surface finish by reducing heat and friction. It contains special additives which prevent pitting, galling and metal seizures and is suitable for use on all metals including stainless steel and titanium.
Clear Acrylic Lacquer
This is a fast drying, clear, permanent lacquer providing first class non-yellowing protection in easy to use aerosol form. Its tough, clear coating helps protect many surfaces from acid, alkali, chemical and general weathering attack. Clear Acrylic Lacquer helps prevent breakdowns caused by moisture on printed circuits. Helps to prevent maps, drawings, blueprints, etc. from fading. Prevents corrosion on batteries and car electrics. Protects controls etc. of vending machines, in situ plant and machinery and oxidization on aluminium, copper, chrome, silver and brass. Leaves a scratch resistant film.
Dry Lube
A "moly" coating that dries immediately to a matte black finish, scratch resistant and temperature stable up to 400C. Uses: welding guns, heating installation, cars, lorries, kilns furnaces, printing etc.