There are five types of labels which must be considered and identified by all personnel using products for cleaning.

A) Irritant
B) Corrosive
C) Flammable
D) Highly Flammable
E) Extremly Flammable
A) The first one we shall look at is the irritant label. This appears on the Super Sol and the Aqua San products. It is identified by the St Andrews cross on an amber backround, this means that due care should be taken and gloves should be worn when product is in prolonged contact with the skin.
B) The second label is the corrosive label. This label is signified by two containers with droplets from each one onto a hand and one onto metal block. The use of safety equipment is essential such as gloves face mask and goggles.
C) The third label is the flammable label. This one really speaks for itself but due care should still be taken i.e keep out of reach of children, keep away from any source of ignition (no smoking) do not breathe vapour / spray use only in well ventilated areas do not puncture or dispose of in a fire.

D) This is the highly flammable label. Do not store or use near naked flames.
D) And finally this is the extremmely flammable label. This means that the contants have a low flash point. The product should never be stored, used or sprayed near naked flames or used in the presence of smokers.