Beaded Hand Gel
A suitable product for use on heavily soiled hands, paint, brake fluid, gear oil etc. Use in these conditions only, and not as an every day hand cleanser. It's mild abrasive granules and powerful solvent action act efficiently.
Hand Cleanse Liquid
Suitable as everyday cleaner. Powerful on workshop soilings. Mild on all skin types.
Hand Cleanse Aerosol
A waterless hand cleaner, suitable for use where water is not available or safe, for mobile crews, i.e. maintenance van and trucks. Also suitable for the removal of grease oil, printers ink, motor fuel and oil etc.
Hand Soap
In gel or liquid form, for pubs, clubs, hotels etc.,
Hand Soap Extra Special
For use in industry, for extra heavy duty stain. E.g. inks, glues, resins.
Dermo Clean
Dermo Clean is a multi-purpose barrier cream with germicidal non-irritant properties for compete protection from oils, paints, inks, grease, grimes etc. Used in garages, plant workshops, public works, construction sites and machine shops etc.