Aquasan is a powerful broad spectrum biocidal detergent cleaner. It is suitable for use in all areas of the catering, food and associated areas, on all surfaces, (Polypropylene, Tiles, Stainless Steel, Plastic Bins etc)

Bactericidal/Biocidal action is provided by a quaternary compound. This material has a broad spectrum action on numerous microbes, some of which are listed below.

Strep. Faecalis.
Strep. Aureus.
Clost. Welchii.
Listeria. Monocyt.

Independent tests on aquasan have shown it to be very effective at reducing bacterial numbers, being highly effective on stainless steel surfaces.

Results of independent tests are available on request.

1. Remove heavy soiling from surface.
2. Wash/Clean equipment with a solution of 60 mls. Aqua - San to 4.5ltrs. of clean water (1.3% Diluted) at ambient temperatures. Allow a contact time of at least 30 seconds.
3. Dry off using a disposable paper towel.


An aqueous solution of quaterany ammonium compounds, non-ionic surfactants and dye.

Safety data sheet

Corresponding to EC Directive 91/155/EEC

Date of issue: 26. 04. 1996
Trade name: AQUA - SAN
1. Identification of the product and of the company
1. 3 Telephone: 4582611/2 Telefax: 4582613 Emergency Telephone: 087 557 389 _____________________________________________________________________ 2. Composition / information on ingredients Benzylkonium Chloride, I.P.A. , nonionic surfactant solution 2. 1. Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 15% w/w Isopropyl Alcohol 5% , Nonionic surfactant 2. 2. E.C. Label X Irritant R 22 Harmful if swallowed. R 36/38 Irritating to eyes and skin. S 2 Keep out of reach of children _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Hazards identification Irritating to eyes and skin.. Causes defatting. _____________________________________________________________________ Health and Safety Data Sheet page 2 of 4 Aqua - San 4. First Aid Measures. 4. 1. Eyes. Immediately wash with clean water or eye bath solution, for 10 minutes. Swivel eyes. Seek medical attention. 4. 2. Skin. Remove contaminated clothing and wash contaminated skin with large amounts of water. 4. 3. Inhalation: Seek medical attention. Remove to fresh air 4. 4. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Give water to drink. Seek medical advice. _____________________________________________________________________ 5. Fire Fighting Measures. 5. 1. Extinguishing Media. CO2, dry powder, foam, water or mist 5. 2. Fire and explosion hazards.. This product is not an explosion hazard Hazardous combustion gases. Carbon Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulpher Oxides. 5. 3. Proctective measures. Wear protective clothing and respiratory protection. _____________________________________________________________________ 6. Spillage. 6. 1. Avoid skin and eye contact 6. 2. Do not allow to enter drains, sewers or water systems 6. 3. Absorb in sand or sawdust or other inert material _____________________________________________________________________ 7. Handling and storage. 7. 1. Avoid elevated temperatures. Protect from freezing. 7. 2. No smoking , eating or drinking while handling. Wear protective equipment. 7. 3. Store in stainless steel or plastic containers. Corrosive mildsteel. _____________________________________________________________________ Health and Safety Data Sheet. page 3 of 4 Aqua - San 8. Exposure controls/ Personal Protection. 8.1. Occupational exposure limits : None 8.2. Respiratory : None 8.3. Hands: Wear PVC/Neoprene gloves. 8.4. Eyes. Avoid contact . _____________________________________________________________________ 9. Physical & Chemical Properties. 9.1. Form Liquid 9.2. Colour Blue or Pink 9.3. Odour Slight Alcohol 9.4. pH Approximately 6 - 8 9.5. Flash Point : Greater than 100 degrees Centigrade. 9.6. Solubility : Totally soluble in water. Soluble in alcohol 9.7. MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations) 50ppm (mg/L) Test organisms; E. Coli , Staph. Aureus, Ps Aerunginosa, Candida albicans, Porteus vulgaris 9.8. Ignition temperature: None. 9.9. Density: 1.02 _____________________________________________________________________ 10. Stability and Reactivity. 10.1. No hazardous reactions known. 10.2. Avoid elevated temperatures. 10.3 Stable in ambient conditions. _____________________________________________________________________ 11. Toxicological Information. 11.1. Ingestion. Oral rat LD50 : 2000 mg/kg 11.2. Skin: Causes irritation. 11.3. Eyes. Causes burns and severe irritation. 11.4. Inhalation: Although unlikely, could cause irritation of upper respiratory tract. Symptoms may include, shortness of breath, coughing etc. 11.5. Long Term: No long term effects are reported. __________________________________________________________________ Aqua - San page 4 of 4 12. Ecological Information. 12.1. This product is not listed as a marine pollutant _____________________________________________________________________ 13. Disposal Considerations. 131 Do not dispose of by means of sinks, drains. Dilute residues with water at 100 times the residue. _____________________________________________________________________ 14. Transport Information. 14.1 Packing group 11 14.2 No specific transport labelling required for this product. _____________________________________________________________________ 15. Regulatory Information 15.1 E.C. Directive. X Irritant R 22 Harmful if swallowed R36/38 Irritating to eyes and skin. S 2 Keep out of reach of children _____________________________________________________________________ 16. Other Information 16.1. Uses. This product is a broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide and may be used as an antiseptic detergent. It has broad areas of application in the food and catering industry. It may also be used in sterilising of instruments and epuipment. 16.2 Product should be handled, stored and used in accordance with good industrial hygiene practices. 16.3 This product is food safe provided that all rinsing procedures are completed. 16.4. References: DOB 26.04.1996.